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Emergency Dentists in Atlanta

Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (404) 410-7841

When you discover that your crown has broken, or your tooth feels like it could explode, getting emergency dental care becomes an important goal. Suffering through a dental emergency is never a good idea; not getting treatment could adversely affect your long-term dental health. We’re here to answer the question: “How can I find reliable emergency dental care near me?”

Where to Find Your Area’s Best Emergency Dentists

Our emergency dentists in Atlanta treat patients every day during our regular business hours. When your symptoms appear, call our emergency dental office and schedule your appointment for fast, comprehensive emergency dental care. We make it our priority to provide treatment as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can offer a same-day appointment. Our goal is to diagnose your dental injury or ailment, relieve your pain, and make sure that you get the treatment you need to prevent any further problems.

Our office accepts dental emergencies and do our best to relieve their pain quickly.

The Scope of Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental services are provided when sudden dental symptoms or accidents occur and urgent dental care is needed to bring relief and prevent the problem from becoming more serious due to delays in treatment. Examples of the services that we provide to our emergency patients during office hours are listed below:

  • Treatment of toothache pain and pressure due to decay, injury, and other causes
  • Emergency extractions
  • Management of pain and swelling caused by impacted teeth
  • Repair of tooth cracks, chips, and fractures
  • Treatment of dental infections
  • Treatment of pain and injuries related to broken or malfunctioning orthodontic appliances
  • Replacement of missing crowns and fillings

When Should Patients Get Emergency Dental Treatment?

I can’t tell if my condition is really an emergency. When should I seek out emergency dental care near me?

If your pain or other symptoms are making it difficult to carry out normal activities, or your condition may progress without treatment, it’s time to get emergency dental care. Here are a few examples of emergency conditions that we treat:

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Treating your broken or fractured tooth promptly doesn’t just relieve pain, it prevents infection and ensures the structural stability of your tooth.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Our emergency dentists may be able to save your knocked-out tooth if you get to us quickly. Remember to handle your tooth only by its crown. Rinse the tooth under warm water, and then place it back into its socket or inside your cheek. Call us immediately after your accident for more advice.

Severe Toothache Pain or Pressure

A severe toothache is miserable, and it should never be ignored. Call our office to schedule immediate treatment. Be sure to mention any other symptoms you are having, such as ear pain, fever, or feelings of pressure in your mouth.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures isn’t always a red flag, but if it appears suddenly or gets worse over a short period of time, it may be due to an infection or tooth injury. Seek urgent dental care if your tooth sensitivity suddenly appears or worsens.

Dental Decay and Cavities

Dental decay becomes a matter for emergency dentists when it finally exposes a tooth root or nerve and causes sudden pain. After assessing the damage, our dentists can recommend a treatment plan that will end symptoms and restore the decayed tooth.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth occurs when a bacterial infection develops at the tooth root. Severe pain, facial swelling, fever, and swollen glands often follow. Foul drainage from an open gum sore may also be present. If you think that you may have a dental abscess, call our emergency dental office immediately to schedule treatment. Neglecting to treat an abscess could cause the infection to spread and result in serious complications.

Lost or Loose Fillings

A lost or poorly fitting dental filling makes the affected tooth more vulnerable to decay. Keep food particles out of the empty hole left by the filling, and call us as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

Without your tooth’s crown or restoration to protect it, decay and further deterioration becomes more likely. Emergency dentists can provide temporary or permanent restorations for lost or broken crowns.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

Metal braces have brackets and wires that may break or shift out of place. This can result in pain and soft tissue injuries inside your mouth. Our dentists can treat your mouth irritation and correct the problems with your orthodontic device to prevent further injury.

Tooth Enamel Worn by Teeth Grinding

Nighttime teeth grinding is a common problem that often results in damage to tooth enamel. If your symptoms suddenly worsen, or you notice visible damage, give us a call. Our providers can strengthen your tooth enamel and advise you about products that can reduce the damage caused by grinding your teeth.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure isn’t always due to a sinus problem. An impacted tooth or hidden dental infection can sometimes produce the same sensations. Visit our emergency dentists to rule out dental origins of your sinus discomfort.

Symptoms That Require More Than Dental Care

Some dental symptoms and injuries present more serious medical threats. When should I skip going to the emergency dental office near me and head to the emergency room?

Conditions that pose an immediate threat to your general health cannot be treated by emergency dentists in Atlanta. If you sustain a head, face, or jaw injury or you experience severe bleeding or swelling, call your doctor or go to the nearest emergency room.

Dental Emergency Costs and Payments

The cost of your emergency dental care depends on what types of treatments and procedures are needed to resolve your condition. Our emergency dentists can provide more specific cost details at your appointment. We accept most major dental plans as well as major credit cards. If you don’t have insurance, ask us about our convenient financing options and our DentRite® discount plan. DentRite® isn’t insurance. It’s a program that provides discounts of up to 70 percent for some dental care services. Ask us for more details.

If my emergency occurs on a weekend or at night, should I just wait for the emergency dental office near me to open again?

Our emergency dentists in Atlanta are always available during office hours to treat patients, but during times that you can’t reach us, getting pain relief and protecting your dental health should be your primary concerns. Your local hospital emergency room can provide pain relief and stabilize your condition until you can obtain dental care.

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My experience is always pleasant and professional and I alwasy leave satisfied. Dr. D is very personable with me and I love it.
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Excellent very friendly staff and great work
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Appointment was on time. Fast and efficient.
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Very nice, Quick service. Did not wait for long. And everyone was very nice
Michael K.
Great service. Great people
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The entire experience was pleasant...from check in to check out.
Tammy H.
There was great customer service, short wait time, and great dental advice given.
Ashley D.
Dr Jewutt is excellent!
Joshua Q.
I had them do a crown two years ago, it has been perfect. I remember them fussing over it until it was. I also have some issues to deal with from […]
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I would recommend Dental One Associates for their courteous and efficient service.
Iris I.
Dr and associates were very helpful and made you feel safe and welcome.
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I was so afraid of going to the Dentist; I let more than 5 years pass, got some x-rays and then another three years past. So, a few days ago I found […]
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Great staff. The services are wonderful and very economical. They work with insurance and payments for afterwards. They make you smile when you come […]
Chad R.
The staff was friendly and explained the exams that were being performed. Great experience!
Yolanda P.
Great service as my hygentist (Kenisha)
This young lady always does a great job.
Gloria S.
They were helpful, got me in for an emergency quickly. Dr DeAngelis was exceptional.
Johnny J.
Norman Z.
I feel fortunate to have Dr. DeAngelis as my dentist. Everyone that works with her is simply awesome!!
Emmanuel M.
I was once again pleased to have the situation assessed, be presented with options, and then given an immediate appointment to have the problem […]
Everyone took very good care of me and made me feel very comfortable and kept me informed with everything that was going on at all times. They made […]
Cosonya G.
The staff is always wonderful and I would not go any where else---I highly recommend Dental One at Toco Hills----Sandy Nunnally
Sandra N.
Effective, friendly and punctual as usual.
John P.
the customer service was excellent
Nicia N.
Very professional and caring.
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Love Dr. Lisa. Fast friendly and incredibly proficient! All her staff too!
Always a good experience. it is difficult enough to deal with the extensive work that I have to have done. The staff at Dental One Associates make my […]
James W.
I always enjoy my visits to Dental One. I was on time and was seen right away.My hygienist was Kenisha, she is always very nice and she gave me a […]
No wait, friendly personnel, excellent service and was able to get in right away for an emergency.
Katherine R.
My Dentist is great my Dental hygentist KENEISHA is wonderful!!!
Adrenna M.
Excellent dental care. Very good administrative services.
Robert F.
Great as usual!!
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Dr. Jewett does great work. Teeth feel and look like new!
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I like doctor Jewett and his assistance.. they're very good
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Very Nice and Helpful Staff...
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Very polite office staff and professional dental office. From the time I arrived I was greeted with a smile and there was not a long wait to be […]
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Mona and Sam are awesome and always welcome me with open arms. Dr D is great and I love coming to dental one!
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I was accommodated with a sudden emergency situation very promptly, and with a concerned spirit. You are so friendly there, that even though dental […]
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I have no complaints. I appreciated the extremely short wait time to be seen. Few medical offices have mastered a way to provide punctual service.
Thelma T.
I arrived a few minutes early, was taken back and finished in a timely manner
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I appreciate that appointments are not overbooked. All staff members are friendly.
Thelma T.
Great staff! I am so impressed with all of them.
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Greetings: I arrive to find that Donna, had move to another location. Wen has become the new person. When I tell you she was excellent and made me […]
Mary J.
Fast and efficient service.
Robert K.
Excellent service as always
Chad R.
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